About Us

We try and keep things simple (less chance of confusing ourselves) and honest, we do not fit free, we will not give you free underlay, we will not give you free accessories. We will charge you for everything you need for the job and no more, don’t forget if it is ‘free’ you are paying for it whether you need it or not because it is included in the price.

We will let you park for free in our ample car park.

Our philosophy is that we will supply a quality product for a reasonable price with an above average service.

When you visit our store we will treat you the way we expect to be treated ourselves, we will give you honest advice and try to find the most suitable product within your budget.

We will give you our undivided attention or leisure.

We deal direct with most of the major manufacturers and have negotiated some very keen prices, this means we can pass on some considerable discounts to you.